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Corporate Compliance: In an increasingly complex and challenging business environment there are occasions when an organization may be out of synch with its own stated policies and procedures. An organization’s management team may be unaware of certain regulatory requirements or that operational elements of the organization are not fully in compliance. GFBA conducts compliance audits to determine the degree to which the client follows best practices and complies with legal and regulatory requirements. We prepare corporate policy and procedure manuals, codes of ethics, and standards of conduct tailored to client needs, culture, and organizational objectives. We provide employee and management training in business ethics, standards of conduct, and regulations to meet any requirements including statutory, government agency, and contractual mandates. We identify and assist management to resolve anomalies before they create problems for the organization.

Integrity Monitoring: Federal, state and local government agencies, and courts sometimes require that potential government contractors or other organizations retain an “Integrity Monitor” to oversee the entity’s compliance with laws, regulations, and terms of agreements with government agencies or courts as a condition of contract award. Some businesses or labor organizations may find the requirement of Integrity Monitor imposed through the terms of a deferred prosecution agreement, non-prosecution agreement, corporate integrity agreement, or as a condition of sentencing. GFBA provides the full range of integrity assurance and monitoring services to public works contractors, labor unions, companies and institutions where agreements with government authorities require such services. These services encompass all aspects of corporate and regulatory compliance matters, internal investigations, and reporting to government agencies or courts as required. Where necessary or appropriate, GFBA will conduct background inquiries on identified personnel, affiliates, subsidiaries and subcontractors to identify possible integrity issues with individuals or affiliated entities. Depending on the engagement, in its capacity as an integrity monitor, GFBA monitors compliance with prevailing wage requirements and collective bargaining agreements, regulations related to minority and women owned businesses, environmental performance commitments, specific contract requirements, preparation and maintenance of complete and accurate business records, interactions with government inspectors and officials, and other matters relevant to the integrity of the organization.

Internal Investigations: GFBA provides integrity monitoring services to private sector clients who may seek such information about their own organization or operations whether in anticipation of a government contract opportunity, government audit, or other business purpose. GFBA conducts internal investigations to identify instances of possible misconduct and suspected improper behaviors in the workplace. Instances of such misconduct may include improper relationships with government officials, falsification of records, preparation and submission of inaccurate or incomplete invoices or requisitions, theft of money or inventory, sabotage, insubordination, and harassment. GFBA internal investigations facilitate management decision making, obtain and preserve evidence for potential legal proceedings where appropriate, and enable our attorneys to counsel management and negotiate with government authorities to forestall or resolve government actions. We may undertake such engagements by teaming with in-house counsel, internal auditors, forensic accountants, investigators and other professionals where necessary to accomplish the objectives of an engagement. GFBA may be retained by management or counsel to conduct such investigation or inquiry under conditions of attorney-client privilege. In certain circumstances, GFBA may be retained as an independent investigator or special counsel where it is not appropriate for the client to assert attorney-client privilege.

Regulatory Compliance: GFBA assists management to prepare their organization to meet government regulatory requirements related to certification, permitting or licensing by federal, state, or local government agencies. We assist management to prepare and submit applications to government agencies for certification, permitting or licensing by respective agencies, and represent companies involved in legal proceedings with regulatory agencies.

Due Diligence: GFBA maintains an experienced team which conducts due diligence research and analysis on individuals and businesses to develop relevant information about criminal records and litigation histories, corporate succession, financial viability, media coverage, and other matters. Whether as a component of a larger engagement or as a discrete project, we also conduct individual searches to locate or identify, witnesses, heirs to estates, or to locate persons for other purposes.

Business Law: GFBA provides legal advice and representation to companies and business organizations, from start-up entities to mature companies, in all aspects of general business law. We advise owners, management and boards of directors regarding business organization, company relationships, due diligence, potential liability and risk avoidance. We assist in the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, employment contracts, and non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. We evaluate existing business and management practices and procedures. We prepare codes of ethics and standards of conduct and other forms of business integrity documents. We represent companies and organizations in administrative or regulatory proceedings and in commercial or business related litigation.

Environmental Law: GFBA maintains a vibrant practice in all aspects of environmental law. We represent and advise clients regarding compliance with federal, state and local environmental law and regulation, and we represent our clients in matters pending before federal, state, or local environmental regulatory agencies. We defend our clients in administrative and judicial actions whether initiated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or other federal or state environmental agencies. We support and advise our clients regarding essential environmental due diligence necessitated by business and real estate transactions, and we assist them in negotiations regarding the reduction, allocation and management of environmental liability and risk. We defend companies in complex lawsuits (including lawsuits stylized as citizen suits or class actions) commenced by plaintiffs seeking compensatory and other damages for alleged personal injury and property damage, cost recovery, intrusion of contamination, or the purported violation of environmental law, or asserting claims for property value diminution arising out of environmental conditions.

Criminal Law: We represent clients who are subpoenaed by government agencies to provide testimony or documents to government investigators and those who have been given notice that they are or have been the subject of government inquiry. GFBA represents individuals and businesses related to all aspects of government investigation or inquiry that may involve white collar crime or corruption. Our objective is to assure that our client’s rights are respected, that business options are identified and preserved, and that damage to individual or business reputation and the ability to conduct business by government action is minimized.

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